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Le Font du Merle
Le Fraissinet
30110 Branoux-les-Taillades
+31 6 22 05 96 12
+33 7 84 99 61 83
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Merel / Merle

Part of the campsite

Oleander on the campsite

Henry and Betty Mulder

This campsite is just non-smoking: This is a smoke-free campsite.

Our campsite is non-smoking, smoking is not permitted on our campsite, no cigarettes, no e-cigarettes. Charcoal barbecues are also not used.

bank debit cards and credit cards are accepted

Chèque vacances ANCV accepté

Terms and Conditions:

Dear holiday maker,

Here you will find our terms and conditions. Read all of them through before signing, then you are certainly aware of our rules and you know what to expect. This way everyone can enjoy a great holiday!

Camping Le Font du Merle is a smoke-free campsite. This means that smoking is not permitted on the entire campsite, not in or near the accommodations, not in or near your own tent, caravan or camper. It is also not allowed to smoke at the restaurant, the terrace, the playroom, etc. Smoking next to the campsite is also not an option, the road next to it and the road to the water are also camping property. If you or someone of your traveling companions does not like this, choose another campsite. People who find this pleasant or not important are of course very welcome! Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that no smoke will blow from the area.

How do you make a reservation?

You enter on the site www.campinglefontdumerle.com what you want to reserve, when, with how many people etc. You also enter the birth dates of your children. You can also enter additional wishes or the like there, we try to take that into account as much as possible. You will receive a response from the campsite whether the wishes you have entered are available at the desired time, with an invoice containing the first installment of 30% of the amount to be paid. You pay within 7 days after receiving this invoice. You pay the remaining 70% at the latest 7 days before arrival by bank transfer or upon arrival by debit card. The tourist tax is also deducted from the second payment. If you have made the down payment, your reservation is fixed. If the deposit is not made or not made on time, the reservation will be canceled. In that case, the campsite owner may rent the object / place to be rented to another person. There is no guarantee that there is still room for you at the desired time.

If you book for a stay that starts within 30 days, the entire amount will be invoiced in one go. You then transfer this amount within 7 days, so that the location is reserved for you.

If the campsite is not in possession of the total amount due on the day of arrival, he is entitled to deny the tenant access to the holiday accommodation, without prejudice to the entrepreneur's right to full payment of the agreed price. Of course we want to prevent that, so timely payment is required. The tenant is not permitted to accommodate more or other people in the accommodation than those stated on the written confirmation / lease. Day guests are registered at the reception.


Payment preferably by bank transfer, there is a possibility to debit the second part or pay in cash. You understand that we prefer no larger amounts of cash at the campsite. We also accept holiday checks for French guests. We accept normal (French) bank checks as well, but only in the case of forward payment that can be sent to us by post. If the check cannot be collected, the reservation will be canceled.

Click on this link for conditions about rental only.

Maximum number of people present per place:
No more persons may stay in an accommodation than the accommodation is suitable for. (4 or 6, babies and children included). Do you want to come up with more? Then you can reserve a second mobile home with it. For a number of mobile homes where extra space is available, it is possible to place extra additional tents. Maximum 6 people per mobile home extra. These extra people can use the campsite sanitary facilities if the campsite is open. Additional tents are only allowed if requested in advance. The costs for this are the same as at a normal campsite.

Arrival and departure times:
The rental accommodation is available from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival. It is nice if you can arrive before 8 p.m. In the case of late arrival, the reception may not be able to receive you. Under no circumstances can the campsite be held responsible or the costs of any kind (hotel accommodation, meals, surcharges, etc.) reimbursed.

They must be left in perfect condition and cleaned on the day of departure and released before 10 am. If you do not want to do the final cleaning yourself, you can indicate in advance that you want to do this, naturally against payment.

Pets are not allowed, except in two designated accommodations. For the locations where pets are allowed: Feces must be removed by you immediately. The Pets must be on a lead and vaccinated.

Blankets and sheets:
Blankets and pillows are provided in the mobile homes. For this you can bring your own sheets or rent them. In that case you will find the beds made. We also hope to purchase duvets and duvet covers. Of course you can also bring your own duvets. Do you indicate what you want when booking? The offer of blankets, duvets and sheets only applies if you come without pets. When you come with pets, always bring your own blankets, pillows, sheets, etc.

The tenant is liable for damage to the holiday home caused by himself and / or his traveling companions or visitors. He is responsible for the rented property during the rental period and he undertakes to keep it tidy and clean.

When renting a mobile home or chalet you pay a 250.00 Euro deposit.

Shortcomings in the house must be reported by the tenant to the owner immediately and at the latest within 24 hours after the occurrence or observation of the shortcoming.

When leaving your accommodation in good condition, you will of course receive the deposit back as quickly as possible. If applicable, any failed cleaning and / or damage caused will be deducted from the deposit. If damage caused exceeds the deposit, you remain liable for this damage. The deposit or remaining deposit will be returned to your account within 10 days after your departure.

Click on this link for conditions about only the camping pitches.

Maximum number of people present per place:
No more than 6 people are allowed to stay in one place (babies and children included). Do you want to come up with more? Then you can reserve a second place.

Arrival and departure times:
The pitches are available from 1 p.m. on the day of arrival. Arrival between 1 p.m. and 9 p.m.
They must be vacated by noon on the day of departure at the latest.

Arrival and departure must take place during the opening hours of the reception. In the case of arrival or departure outside of these hours, it is the responsibility of the customer to inquire about the opening times and days of the reception and to inform the campsite owner.

In the case of late arrival, the reception may not be able to receive you. Under no circumstances can the campsite be held responsible or the costs of any kind (hotel accommodation, meals, surcharges, etc.) reimbursed. If you expect to arrive later, please call for consultation.

Free day choice in April, May, June and September and October. Only on Wednesday and Saturday in July and August. Are you in the area and do you want to know if there is still room available during the high season? Feel free to call. Then arrival on another day may also be possible. Departure: before noon. The place must be left in excellent condition. You also ensure a clean place during your stay.

If you come with your own camping equipment, chances are that we have a place for you outside of the high season. Then you do not have to make a reservation first, although of course you can. We will then register you and you can then choose a nice place on the spot, naturally taking into account what has been reserved. In that case you prefer to pay per pin. Cash is also possible.

Electricity from 10 Ampere is available for all pitches. You can only use this if you have indicated that you want to use electricity.

Pets are allowed on the campsite section, if on a lead and vaccinated. Feces must be removed by you immediately.

The tenant is liable for damage to property of the campsite caused by himself and / or his traveling companions or visitors.

Cancellation reservation:

If you have to cancel due to unexpected circumstances, that is very annoying for you. The following rules apply to this.

1. Cancellation by the tenant:

o A shortened stay, if you leave earlier due to circumstances, will not be reimbursed.

o If you cancel 60 days or earlier than the planned start date, a 15 euro administration fee will be charged. Any more that has been paid will be refunded to the bank account from which the money has been paid.

o If you cancel 30 to 59 days before the planned start date, 25% of the accommodation costs will be charged. If more is paid, everything else will be reimbursed. No extra administration costs will be charged.

o If you cancel less than 30 days before the planned start date, all costs will be charged.

2. If the tenant is unable to attend, but someone else wants to rent this place on the recommendation of the tenant for the same period or part thereof, the costs will be reimbursed proportionally, after deduction of administration costs.

3. Cancellation by the owner:

In the event of cancellation by Camping Font de Merle, you will receive a refund of all amounts paid, excluding all damage and interest. This does not apply if the tenant and / or his traveling companions do not comply with the rules. No money will be refunded in case of mandatory departure.

In the event of cancellation imposed by force majeure or for the safety of customers, we will do our best to propose a change to your stay. You have 72 hours to accept the changes or cancel the stay. If your stay is shortened due to force majeure, the unused portion of the holiday will be reimbursed.


Day guests are required to report to the reception. They are then registered as a visitor against payment.

Tourist tax:

The tourist tax is 0.22 euros per adult per night. There is no separate waste tax.

Charging electric car:

We have a special place for charging electric cars. It is not allowed to charge an electric car via electricity from the houses or at the camping pitches.

Swimming pool:

The use of the swimming pool is at your own risk. Children swim under the responsibility and supervision of the parents. We want to prevent pollution of the swimming pool as much as possible, which is why showering in advance is mandatory. By applying an ample amount of sunscreen on your skin, you give this time to retract and make optimum use of its protective function. This also prevents an unnecessary amount of sunscreen from getting into the water. Swimming shorts are allowed, provided they are only used for swimming. For young children, the use of a swimming diaper is mandatory.


There is a restaurant on the campsite. This is limited open, during your stay you will see the opening times. There are two other restaurants in the area that you can walk to. In our restaurant you can also pay by debit card. The restaurant can also be visited by people from outside the campsite, without extra registration.

Play area:

The playground outside is freely accessible, but children do play under the responsibility of their parent (s). Together we can have a great time, everyone is part of it!

The (future) play area inside is also free to use, but extra is expected from you to leave it tidy. The materials listed here are for use, of course not for taking away. Do you also want to make this clear to your child (ren)? This way, everyone can enjoy the beautiful toys ... Books can of course be borrowed, but also gladly brought back. Games may also be borrowed and returned.


The tenants must be insured for civil liability. If something serious happens due to your actions, it is insured.

We wish everyone a pleasant stay at Camping Le Font du Merle!